Tuesday, April 15, 2008

What is it about Tuesdays?

I know its my day off but it seems to be the only day I get here to post.

Not a lot to report this week. A quiet one which isn't bad I must say.

The new PC is fantastic. it is not only looks nice it actually functions! I am still looking for my office discs so i can put word and excel on but apart from that all is well. I must say I do not really like the keyboard I chose. I am sure I will get used to it but the keys feel HUGE.

I have been trying to stitch but keep getting side tracked or find myself not in the mood. I am working on a piece that requires concentration and at the moment I have very little of that :)
I am hoping today I will get some time to do the fidley bits while I am home alone.

We were out on Saturday and found a sale at our local go lo store. Not really needing anything we wandered in for a look and I got a 3L slow cooker for $18. I got mum one as well she was thrilled. I have not used it yet but mum has and said it was great. I might make some soup in it today?

I have been asked to look at changing some of my shifts at work. I have been lucky and have all school hour shifts. Some of the new shifts are late starts and late finishes. It will mean the kids ar home for an hour on their own if Col isn't home ( which he usually is or at least isn't far off at that time) I am thinking about it. It would give me an hour and a half ish at home in the mornings after the kids go. I could do a lot in that time. I will chat to Col about it and see what happens.

Ok need to get ready I am meeting a fellow stitchy friend for coffee at 10 so should really get ready and perhaps chuck a load of laundry on before I go.

Chat soon


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Charmaine said...

hey babe...did you have a good coffee and chat fest:)

Miss ya xx