Sunday, October 14, 2007

Long time no write...

Well it is Sunday and they are all still in bed. Well those that are here are still in bed. Jake stayed at a mates for the night and I am sure got up to no good but then again he is 14.

I decided at 9pm last night to spring clean Shannon's room. well it turned into a spring ,summer, winter etc clean it was BAD. I will not to begin to describe what I found BUT it took 5 rubbish bags to get rid of it. She has some small hobs to do in there today then we can vac the floor and maybe look at moving the bed? not much option in her room but we will see if we can wiggle it into another spot for a change.

Well I think we are MAD but last night we brought Jake a motorbike for Christmas. He is thrilled naturally. Col made a video call to him to let him know we won it on ebay (it is new) and his smile went beyond ear to ear. It is the same as Col's bike just a little smaller a 125cc. We have also ordered a second body kit in pink so when Shan outgrows her little bike she can have his as by then he will have moved on to a bigger bike I am sure. Now we need to collect it maybe Friday? and assemble the stupid thing that will take a whole day. Then I am sure it will be off to St Arnaud for a weekend of riding.

I am expecting a visit from the outlaws today. Have not really seen them much as we try not to go there very often after all the rubbish with the BIL. They rang last night to see if we would be home today so I might make a cake later just in case.

I have washing piled up that needs folding so I might watch some of the stuff I have recorded to the IQ. I have recorded so much stuff I need to sort it and see what I have watched and record stuff on to dvd that I want to keep. There is a new series called Ice Truckers. It is about a group of guys taking loads of supplies across frozen lakes to a diamond m in in Canada. They can each earn up to $75k for a 3 month season. I have seen 2 episodes and am hooked.

OH and another interesting (to me) bit of news. Col brought me a sewing machine. I LOBE IT! my old one died and I tended not to use it anyway as it had "issues" so I have now started sewing again. I have made a Christmas wall hanging from a stitchery I had mad and I have half made a quilt. I have some bits of fabric so got a bag of wheat and am going to make some heat packs. The smallest bag of wheat is 4.5k so everyone is getting wheat bags for Christmas!

Col is back on the road after his near miss on Wednesday. For those that did not hear.... He had a $150k Mercedes pull out in front of him from a Mercedes dealership and almost hit it. To prevent the smash he literally stood on the brakes peddle and it popped a brake line therefore losing all brakes. He managed to swerve and miss the sports car and then traveled another kilometer through a red light in busy traffic in Kew! before managing to get it to stop. After a lot of mucking about he discovered the what the problem was and had the RACV get a tow truck to bring him home. Then came the fun of trying to get the new line. Well Mercedes have none in the country! it was going to be a week to get one from Germany. So after a few phone calls we found a guy locally who ended up making one a lot cheaper and the nest day. So by Friday he was back on the road. He is still a little nervous I can tell you.

So fingers crossed this week will be a "normal " week :)

Off to fold that washing I can hear kids getting outta bed AARRGGGGG


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