Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Terrific Tuesday

Hello all out there is blogger land. I have a new keyboard and it feels FUNNY... it is a lot smaller than the old one and the keys are closer together thank goodness for spell check.

Funny day today. Weather wise I mean. Sunny but a little overcast. We expecting rain later I believe. Which reminds me I must get that washing from the clothes line before its too late.

Quiet day here today. I popped over to spotlight for some stitching supplies and as usual got other stuff ;) Now tell me who can go into store like that and only get what they went in for.

We are away this weekend bike riding. I have lists upon lists of things to do or take etc. We are fortunate to have the cottage up there but there is more than one family going this trip so things are going to be a little squishy. We have decided to sleep in the tent and only use the cottage for cooking and showers etc. Cant wait really I am going grave hunting..... apparently I have family buried in the town cemetery so plan a visit for a look. I know a little strange arnt I !

Shan and I also plan a walking trip of the town itself to see just what is there. it is only tiny so I am guessing 20 minutes and we will be done. She is mamma's girl and hopes there is cafe for coffee LOL.... city slickers and our decaf latte'. The town shouldnt whine thou the amount of money between all the families that share this property should be helping the community. There are 5 families just between the Mazzan's & Reeve's.

I had thought i might pack a small stitching project to take with me. I am not going to take the big fairy I do not want anything o happen to her. I am rather on a roll with Christmas right now so maybe some ornaments? I am on a mission to have only snowmen and gingerbread men on the tree this year. Not sure how far I can get with that but plan to try. I have made several ornaments over the years following this theme and am addicted now. I have even ordered plain gingerbread for the kids to ice and hang on the tree. YUM

Ok off to get that washing and get dinner started. Rissoto with fresh parmasan cheese.

Bye all


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