Thursday, October 4, 2007

Thursday on the Ranch

well it isn't really a ranch but I do feel like sticking something hot on the kids butts to get them going some days thou ... is that bad parenting?

Ok it is Thursday.... The school holidays are going well. Today is the the first day the kids have asked to have someone over. Not bad hey! made it till the second last day WOO HOO.

Jake has cousin Michael coming sometime today for a sleep over. Jake was going to go home with him tomorrow and stay the night but Michael has to go job hunting. Over the holidays he has decided to he dosnt want to go back to school to finish the last term. He is 17 and not academic. He is more hands on. He gets good grades at school but he has to work really hard at it.

Shannon wants a friend over for a visit but we need to arrange something with another friend first. The other friend took Shan to the pictures last week and it is our turn this week but we have not been able to get onto them. If I cant get them this morning to plan something for today or tomorrow then Shan can have the other friend over.

Today I have decided its calender day. Each year I make and print a calender for the next year. I use publisher because I cant buy one with enough room for all our c$@p. I did it a couple of years ago and it is fantastic. It lives in a plastic sleeve with a magnet on the back on the fridge. It is "Our Life" no one makes plans without first checking the fridge. Today I have printed 2 years worth. I have also googled the school holidays,public holidays and daylight savings etc and will sit and create these calenders. It will take me about an hour to complete but man is it worth it.

Not much planned for the weekend ahead. Bathurst is on so will plonk my butt in front of the telly for much of that. Would like to get the project car into the garage and outta the way so the project trailer can move up the drive and perhaps get some work done? We need this new bike trailer if we wish to go riding. We will have another 2 bikes in the near future and they wont all fit in the back of the Vito.

Off to have a hit of caffeine then food shopping oh the joy.


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Sandy said...

Congratulations on surviving the school holidays :)
The calendar sounds like a good idea, but I just bought myself 2 gorgeous pig ones. They came as a twin pack, a mini calendar which is perfect for my handbag and the big wall one. I alwasy look for one with lots of writing room and pigs just made this a bonus LOL.