Saturday, November 24, 2007

Election Day Vent

mmm great Election day. You know the one where you line up at a primary school where the school council has all sorts of fund raisers happening and you can smell the snags and onions that they are BBQing and the man in the line in front of you forgot his deodorant and the granny behind you forgets that most people unlike her without her hearing aide can hear the gas eaking from her you know where. Thrilling entertainment......

I cracked the sads big time last night. I have let these kids rule this place long enough and the poor buggers didn't see it coming ;) I am just over the noises the bickering the mess and finally me not having any me time without kids in my day. I love the little creatures but just give me an hour after they have all gone to bed to be able to breath without having to explain why.

I moved the lounge around some time ago so the PC was in the dinning room away from the tv etc so Jake could use it at night without disturbing anyone watching telly. I also wanted it there so we could monitor what was happening etc. WELL he has found a way to make it the "Noisy" corner. He has no consideration for anyone else and bangs and thumps and I am sure he has found a way to use the keyboard so it is extra noisy when I am watching TV. He also has a habit of for example last night a bag of chips a big bag and he rattled it and dropped it and I couple hear every chip he crunched ARRGGGGGHHHHHH I used to retreat to my bedroom and watch a dvd or whatever but The kids have knocked off my TV. Until today! Mum is fighting back. I am taking back my TV and my lounge room. and I am taking lives along the way!

Other news....

I cant remember??? if I told you BUT Col's bike was broken the front forks were cactus. After many calls to the bike company and a bit of negative feed back on their web site the new forks arrived yesterday. The bike is back together and he is a happy boy once again. Now all we need is for Jakes arm to heal and we can go riding again. We are off for xrays on Thursday and will finally know if he is to have it plated. They were hoping it would heal itself and then it would be as strong as before but if they have to plate it the tiny holes they have to drill for the screws to hold the plate will make it very weak. Also because of his age the plate will have to stay in. So fingers crossed it is all healing ok. I just wish I had xray vision and could see what was happening in there.

Work is crap. It is mindless dull and very boring but it pays very well so until something else comes along I am going to stick it out. I have already started looking but will not seriously think of changing till after Christmas. I am thinking of looking back into Integration after all I have all these qualifications why not use them hey.

Thats all from me I need a coffee. I promise no children will be harmed in todays house take back... really I promise ;}



charmaine said...

gee babe you are up early still in the pjs surfing with this thing they call broadband ...YAY!!!!!

the kids are still in bed and daz just got home from water and the gym...he puts me to shame...i like a day off hehehe

Sandy said...

More power to you Nise :) Just remember they will one day grow up and leave home. Of course then you may want to move and not tell them where you are going LOL