Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Smile and point your toes they say

Sure..... I am done smiling an pointing!

All is well here ;) Nuff said.

I managed to get some stitching done yesterday and finished another Button tree. I also started a cute little Jill Oxton Christmas Koala. I am on a mission to spend some time on me I am feeling neglected ;) sad arnt I.

I was going to re arrange the living room today to accommodate the Christmas tree. It is not to be the Foxtel cable isn't long enough GGRRRRR I might have a chat to Col and see if he can make me a longer one???? I did manage to de clutter and generally clean up so I am feeling good about that.

BBQ and Salad for dinner I might go start the salads so I have less to do later.

Breathe ......


1 comment:

charmaine said...

bugger about that cord hey babe...was thinking about you!