Monday, November 12, 2007

Magical Monday

Well it is so far anyway.... I am home alone!

Jakes first day back at school today after his big woopsie. He is nervous that he will get knocked about etc but he knows he has to go.

I usually do not work on Mondays anymore but have managed to pick up some extra shifts. I start at 12:30 and finish at 5:30. I have already sorted dinner (BBQ) so can relax when I get home. I am off tomorrow and am really looking forward to that I can tell you.

I had not looked at the calender for a few days and thought I had best take a peek last night to see what the kids had going this week. Good job I looked! Shan and AJ both have excursions this week.
Shan is off to Taskworks and AJ is off to Scienceworks. They should both have fun but i need to pack different foods for lunches on those days . No biggie but I can get organized now.

Col managed to somehow break his bike last night. something to do with the shocker and draining the oil?? and now it wont work. I will make some calls for him and try to sort it out shortly. Once again Wife to the rescue....

SPEAKING of Wife.... the day before Jakes stack was out 17th wedding anniversary. 17 hard to believe really.

Off to make those calls.


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