Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Tuesday... My day off

yep it is my only day off for the week and I am making the most of it wasting time on the internet ARRGGHHHH

I am off shortly to hang laundry and yes as thrilling as it sounds make the beds. I feel so much better when those 2 chores are done. strange but true.

I have some stuff in the IQ to record so I can delete it it is almost full yikes thats a lot of stuff to record. so there goes part of my day :)

Not sure whats for dinner can not be bothered thinking about it right now.

It was jakes first day back at school yesterday and yep he got knocked. I got a call to ask if they could give him panadol and he was right for the rest of the day but this morning had a whine about getting knocked again today. Nerves.

I am unbeknown to him going to book the xray for this week just to check progress.

OK better hang those towels they aint drying in the basket...


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