Thursday, April 16, 2009

Morning all...

The day went well and was generally a good day.

It was nice to catch up with the ladies I work with. We have become close. Well some of us have ;)

I was thrilled to find out the one of the ladies who has spent over $50k on IVF is finally pregnant. She has a scan next Friday to see how many babies there are. This was her last attempt as no more eggs and last year she had her ovaries removed. I was crying with her as she told me. worst part I couldn't tell anyone cause she has only told a select few she works closely with. She is 9 weeks and due in Mid November. Straight after work I went to Lincraft and got some baby wool and have started a baby set then thought CRAP what if there are more than one baby so I am going back today to get more wool just in case :)

The kids were OK at Grans yesterday. Shan hated it but AJ was ok. They are going back today but at lunch time. They can have the morning here MSNing etc then wander down for lunch.

Yes Sham thats the tea room and I can't wait to take you. I am getting VERY excited.

Ok off to straighten the hair (looks like a birch broom in a fit) then off to work.

OH sold some stuff on Ebay... 2 Auctions actually. One I have listed as posted etc but keep getting emails where is it. Mind you the auction ended Easter Monday and I posted Tuesday. She is in far north Queensland. I have listed the item as shipped and replyed to her emails. This could be fun. The other was a pattern I charged $4 postage. I got a padded bag etc and it cost me around $3 I guess in the end to post and she is whining about the cost of postage. I did explain the postage price was listed etc but she left good feedback. I am not sure I like Ebay now. Too stressful.


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