Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Wasting time til I have to leave for work...

I have had 11 days away from that place and am not really looking forward to going back. I know if I left it any longer I wouldn't want to go back so it is probably a good thing that I go back today.

I have achieved a l lot while on holidays. I managed to complete a few projects that were hanging about and I even cleaned the house and caught up on the laundry. Dishwasher,Washing machine & drier worked their little hearts out while I stitched. Perfect I thought.

I am hopeful of some good news from work today. I need to change my hours (school run conflicts) and am finding out today whats happening. Will be better for me but no sure if they could wangle what I need. Will soon see I guess.

Not sure what is on for the weekend ahead. all depends on weather and kids commitments. I wouldn't mind a drive in the hills for arvo tea at some stage. last time we went up we found the cutest little tea rooms and they were such nice people that I can't wait to get back there.

Ok wastd enough time rabbiting on.... Wish me luck!



coral said...

Hi Nise...good luck is much asier when work and homelife jel ....hope it all works out for you ..Love Coral

Bronny said...


How was it?
Was it better to speak with workmates or with the kids/hubby - which gave the more intelligent answers?

Charmaine said...

hey chickie......i hope that tea room is the one you are taking me too?????
how'd u go with hours do you know yet?