Monday, April 6, 2009

Morning all from a sunny but wet FernTree Gully.

2 outta 3 kids are still sleeping so I am trying not to make too much noise and enjoy a bit of quiet PC time. Once the holidays hit I struggle to get near this thing.

I have been rather productive and finished a few projects. I have felt overwhelmed and over committed of late and always feeling like I should be doing something.
Here is some of what I have needed/wanted to do and have done

* De cluttered house and got it ready for winter. managed to throw away 2 cubic meters of junk.

* Got the boys new beds and re did their room. Sorted bags of Jake's old clothes that I had kept for
AJ and tossed what ever yukky boy stuff in there that shouldn't have been. Smells much better.

* Re did Shannon's room Got her a new bed side table and matching desk. Got rid of the baby toys and made her room a teenagers room. Much nicer. Got her an Electric oil burner so she can have nice smells. She is currently burning a Chocolate melt from Dusk. smells like real chocolate I might add.

* Finished sorting My room. My bedroom seems to be the one stuff gets dumped in when it has no home. I sorted it all out and decided we needed a new bed suite. We went shopping and found the one we want but they only had the display which was damaged. They are trying to locate another or see if they can get the display repaired. It is a bed (head and end) bedside tables and a tallboy type thing with a mirror. I will be going down there this week so will try and get a photo of the display. I even managed to get new bedside lamps yesterday I think will go. The base may be too light but DH can fix that. I like the shape etc and the shade.

* finished a stitched quilt square for a friendship quilt.

* finished 3 or 4 small stitchy projects I had started. Need a small ornament frame for one so might his spotlight today for that (they have a sale on anyways).

* cleaned the kitchen including inside the cupboards. tossed old containers etc without lids. Can open now without fear of losing a limb from falling junk.

* made peace with the sewing machine!

The list could go ON forever but i am sure you get the idea. I feel a lot more in control.

Anywho I am going to find my coffee maker and put ona pot. I am then going to have a sit about for a while and stitch until the tribe rise, Then I might take then out to lunch.

Have a great week all


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Bronny said...

Congratulions on such a positive result. I'm a bit leery of going into the boys room - don't know what I'll find!!
Now forget the house and concentrate on quality stitching time for YOU!