Wednesday, April 8, 2009

I got this yesterday in a cute little Stitchy store in Lilydale. I also got the charm (needed them for various projects) and the Enamel embellishments are for the Marg Low purse. They were just so cute I had to have them.

I can't for the love of me recall what I need the Acorn or the pear for but it was on my list of get when you see things. I am sure it will come to me. I have a box full off buttons and charms and I will keep them separate in there until I remember what they were for. I know the Peacock is for a Just Nan project and the others could be too. I lover her stuff.

Quiet day here today. I am just back from taking my car in to get the Auto serviced. I have ahd the car 3 years and never had it done. We have donated the car to Jake and I want it to be safe etc. We are not going to get a new car until the new year he wont be 18 for a while so I can still drive it etc. He has already saved and got a new stereo and speakers and has half the money
for a new paint job. Mind you it dosnt need one but he dosnt want a white car. What would I know I am only the mother.

Feeling like I am getting a sore throat today. always the way on holidays and bang get something. I am well stocked with throat lollies etc so might go start sucking them.

Bye for now

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