Friday, July 13, 2007

Friday 13th dont walk under a ladder now!

I am not superstitious BUT on Friday 13th I take no chances!

Finally I get a whole day home :) I am thrilled. No extra kids no shopping to do I can just stay at home. I do have a stack I would like to do but you know how it just accepts the chores as part of life. I have given up on the kids ever helping me so make their lives a misery while I do what they should be doing :)

I am on a fund raiser mission. Money is tight and I need/want a clothes drier. I am going to list some of my stash on ebay and other stuff too once I have rounded up what i think we dont want/need and I can sell. Bills are flowing in at the moment and we really could use our tax returns right about now but neither of ours is easy this year and will take time.

I am having issues like my good friend Charmaine with Telstra. too long to go into but they suck. Money they were not supposed to charge me they did and they cant take it off my bill (so they say) they want me to pay t and be in credit. Problem is I dont have the money to pay it. I have until tomorrow (sat) to come up with it or we lose the phone. I do not think I can do it as it is a large sum they are demanding for something that we didnt need/want and they "cant remove it" RUBBISH. I am so angry.

I hope you dont see many black cats today :)

xx Nise xx

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charmaine said...

dont you stand for their crap tell em...i did *nicely* after i fell off my high horse she was quite nice LOL
oh no drive in tonite guess who worked from 10.30 til 5.30 and guess who had done no housework or hadnt even had a shower until just before i walked in the door?????????
Leigh asked which car we taking i said we aint going and he said why not....i looked at him and said NO COMMENT!!!! so now have two shitty kids and i dont give a crap!!! LOL