Sunday, July 1, 2007


I am so over this house and its ever growing mess.... I am sure it grows while my back is turned. I used a whole box of washing powder in one day! whats that all about?

I am moody and grumpy today. I think I need a night out with my sister :) Nean hint hint!

Ok today is Sunday and we have done heaps this weekend. We decided to try and fix the leaky garage. The leaks are all on one side and naturally the side Col has his office. SO we climbed up there yesterday and checked out the situation. There is a join that isn't joined right (an add on bit) we cleaned it up and scratched our heads trying to think of the easiest/cheapest way to fix it. 2 days and $40 later we think we have done it. It is raining now so I am sure I will find out if we succeeded. We also managed to unblock a drain that wasn't helping either. so fingers crossed this works.....

We had a ball in bunnings all the DIY stuff almost as good as a stationary shop ( I have a thing for stationary). It got us to thinking about building a house. I think we might look at what we can get to fix up? will see what they are selling for etc.

Jake had some bad news with the coolstore :( they wont let him start until he is 14 and 9 months. They are not covered by workcover etc and wont take the risk. He will need to wait. Poor bugger is hanging.

Jake is also in BIG trouble. He failed Maths. 45%. He got too cocky. this is his key subject and he thought he was so good he wouldn't study for the test! Col tore strips off him Friday night. I was sooking and trying not to let them see me I had to leave the room. Something tells me his marks will improve next term.

We are on school holidays now. I am working 3 shifts this week (15 hours) and none in the second week. Jake is going to work with Col one of the days and Shan has plans with a friend. The rest of the time they will be at Mum's. We are planning a trip to the pictures and perhaps bowling? The second week I have no plans yet. I did think we might go to Echuca for an over nighter? if I leave that until Friday Col can come. I wouldn't mind taking them into the city on the train.

I must get going I am tired and need to hit the hay.

xx Nise xx

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