Saturday, July 14, 2007

Hey Hey it's Saturday.

It is nice and Sunny here this morning. It is very cool out but the sun is nice to see. We do not have anything much planned for the day ahead but if this weather holds we might be able to get some stuff done outside? I would really like to mow thw lawns but they are so wet I think it would just rip them up. I will wait and see what they are like later in the day.

I have the kids on back to school detail. LOL funny arnt I. they have to strip their beds and make sure all their washing is out. Then they have to vac the floor in their room and make sure their bags are packed for Monday. They have to do all this before lunch today. no TV or PC until it is done so guess what.... they are doin it! AMAZING

OK off to make coffee and inspect the kids handy work :)

xx Nise xx

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