Monday, July 9, 2007

Muddy Monday

Hello friends :)

Yep it is a muddy old wet and cold day in Melbourne. There has been a constant drizzle or light rain all weekend. And you you all know how it is when you decide to do some gardening? the rain sets in. I want to prepare a bed in the back yard for some spring flowers but cant get out there with weather like this. I will have to wait and jump on it the first sunny day we get :)

The weekend was quiet. Saturday we pottered about here just catching up on chores and enjoying not having to be anywhere but here. Then Saturday night My sister and her family came and the kids all stayed here and the "grown ups" went out for dinner. As usual we didnt stop laughing and ended up playing pokies and coming home with almost more than we went with so it was a good night. We have already planned the next night out it was a hoot.

Sunday Jake & AJ went with Nana & Pop to see Transformers. They were gone all afternoon and it was strange AJ not being here on a weekend. I think Nana & Pop had as much fun as the boys did. While they were gone Shan had a friend over who slept the night and I know they are planning for another night but that isnt going to happen :( My nieces will be here today for 2 days so no room for more I am afraid.

I worked flat out on my wizard this weekend and last night could have cried. I was so careful to make sure I had the right fabric size and got to the top and found it wont fit. I can make it do but apparently after a Google search I find that was a mistake on the chart! the fabric size....ARRGGHHHH so I have decided to put him away this week and work on something else. Not sure what yet but will go through the stash today. I will go back to him when I am not so pissed off.

On the home front.... we have been advised to wait to buy a house. Apparently according those in the know if we wait just a little longer we will pick up a bargain. They are forecasting a huge event int he real estate market and they think people will just not be able to afford the what they have and will start to sell rental's and the agent thinks we will get a better deal? We are investigating this theory... but so far it is right.

Off work this week to be here with the kids. They have already said they dont want to do anything but just stay home. Maybe get some dvd's. Fine by me. I have heaps to do and dont really feel like going here there and everywhere.

Ok Off for more coffee :)

xx Nise xx

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