Friday, July 27, 2007

Hooray it's Friday

I am wagging today. I should be at work but am full of a head cold and feeling rather yuk.
I have done a heap of hours this week so am not fussed about not working today.

I will instead catch up on some house work and perhaps if the mood strikes food shop.

The house is pretty clean just a bit untidy. I do not think it will take very much to get it in to shape for the weekend.

I have not stitched in daysssss..... and I am thinking I might start something today you know THERAPY.

Work is ok at the moment. I am getting plenty of shifts I just never know when they are. I just wish I had a weeks notice so I could plan a bit better.

enjoy your Friday

1 comment:

charmaine said...

hey baby sorry to hear you are telling you , you need to move away from there that plce is just no good fr your karma.....prob good i didnt know you were home i woulod have chatted rather than re connect my internet...cant go a weekend without it LOL...