Monday, December 17, 2007

One week to go!

Hard to believe it's almost Christmas...

Working all week this week ARGGHHH the money will come in handy for those after christmas sales ;)

I am done with the Christmas shopping I have everything WOO HOO. Even teacher gifts! How ready am I???

Jake finishes school on Wednesday and the other 2 on Friday. Thankfully I get through the week without having to get a babysitter. Next week I am working Christmas eve till 2pm then 2 days off and back for 2 days before 4 days away at St Arnaud. Looking forward to getting away and just vegging...

We are off tad poling tonight. Shan found some and wants to show us so after tea we are off to the local arboretum for some fun and games I am thinking! I can see someone going in could be me...

Chicken Kiev and salad for tea.

Be cool people.


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