Sunday, December 2, 2007

Well it's December

Oh I love Christmas. I adore the decorations and watching the kids checking out whats under the tree just hoping something is for them.

I managed to get some more Christmas shopping done today. I have most of the good stuff on lay-by. The mains stuff is... Jake will get guitar hero 3 and Shan an AJ are getting a DS each.

I got the in laws a digital photo frame and my mum some stuff she wanted for her garden and some make up junk.

Not sure about Col & i yet??? The motorbike was meant to me his thing but I would like to give him something on the day. Maybe a tent I know he really wants this tent at anaconda.

I have had a rather slackish day today just gone at a very slow snails pace but have managed to achieve a lot really. All the washing is caught up on and put away which is fantastic believe me! I was going to have cold meat and salad for dinner but it has cooled off so might have a hot tea and save the cold meat for another night. This begs the question what to have?

I am looking forward to the next 2 days. I am home alone I do have to run mum to vic roads to deal with her rego but apart from that nothing planned. I did think I might go get my nails done????? I have a gift voucher from a fantastic friend that will expire if I don't use it soon. so yes I think that might be tomorrow.

I wouldn't mind getting some stitching happening tonight. I have a couple of ornaments to finish.

OK off to figure out a hot dinner????

Luv yas all


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