Friday, December 7, 2007

Thank GOD it's Friday!

This week has gone on FOREVER. I only worked 3 days but man it feels like 30!

Ok home tonight for a MEGA deep clean of the house it is in dire need. Then tomorrow morning 4:30 I am off to the funtastic toy sale and I hope this year I get closer to the gate..

Col will meet me there at 7:30 before the doors open he will drop the kids at Nana's.

Col's car goes on Sunday and he needs to do a few last minute things to it before it leaves. I was the last one to drive it and he was hoping he could get it going and drive it onto the trailer. Poor boy is sad about this one.

So all in all I hope to have a quiet weekend. I wouldn't mind getting some presents wrapped.

OH and we found out last night Shan knows all about Santa.the tooth fairy and the easter bunny. I thought she would be upset but she was fine. she kinda knew but wanted us to confirm what she thought.

Found out today who shan's grade 6 teacher will be and he is a knob! Jake had him in grade 6 and he was asked to leave the school there were so many complaints so how can he be back????

Off to scrub the loo.


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