Monday, December 10, 2007


I am having a rather Moody/bad day.

Cant describe what I am feeling right now. It is a cross between anger and every other emotion I can think of. I am not going into too many details cause this is not over but I can tell you it involves my MIL. Col is going to call in on her on his way home and have it all out. If she dosnt back off we are gone.

Apart from that all is well....

Went to the toy sale Saturday. I was up at 4 and there by 5 and was about 200th in line to get in. The guards told us they were getting there from just after 2. We managed to get what we wanted and have finished the Christmas shopping WOO HOO.

I am not long back from K mart and have collected all but 1 lay by which is the in laws GGRRRR.

Am spending the rest of today tidying up. I have washed by bed linen and am waiting for the underlay to dry and then will finish off our room.

Dinner is baked spuds salad and steak.

Have a good one all...


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