Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Tragic Tuesday

Well not too tragic just couldn't thing of anything else to go with Tuesday!

The plumbers are here on the roof trying to fix ancient plumbing to stop the roof leaking. From what I have overheard it is a mess up there and the gutters,pipes and drains are all blocked. They have pulled the downpipes off and can not see through them they are that blocked. They are not sure if they can fix them or will just put new ones up?? Not my problem just FIX it.

I was going to show you all the new button tree I made but the camera has been unplugged so the teenager could plug the web cam in. I have no idea how it all goes back so will need to wait for him to fix it.

I am using to day to de stink the house. Kitty litter, rat litter, toilet and boys room. Yes they all smell. I need to get some more kitty litter and perhaps some plug in stink stopper for the boys room. Man boys smell.

you are never going to believe what I just spotted! Spit balls on the roof and wall. I think Jake got a little bored at some point.... Can you guess what Jake will be doing when he comes home?
OMG there are everywhere.... He is maggot meat!

OK need coffee and should get dressed. I have showered but am in Pj pants and old t shirt. Poor Plumbers did not know what to think LOL

Hugs to those that need them


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Sandy said...

Good luck with the plumbing Nise. Oh and I must agree boys stink. I asked my 18 year old Why his room stinks and he replied quick as anything "That's me."