Thursday, December 20, 2007

Almost Friday (11pm Thursday)

Well what a week this has been. I have worked every day and my feet can confirm that by the sore spots and the aches. I am meant to work tomorrow BUT shan is running for school captain and finds out tomorrow if she got it. The parents get called at 10am to let them know either way and then there is a assembly at 1pm and school then breaks up at 1:30. I really want to be there either way.

The house could use some love anyway it is a tad grubby :)

We had mega rain here today and the Garage flooded again GGRRRR this time Col's PC power supply got fried. Good job he had another and is back online. I am over this leaky house.
We are defiantly looking to move after Christmas.

I have not touched my sewing for weeks. I miss it and can not wait to get back to it soon.

Too tired to think right now so am heading for bed.

Stay safe.


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