Sunday, December 30, 2007

Sunny Sunday

Well we never got to go away. Although the authorities all said we could ride Col's Uncle who owns the property said no. He is worried about a bike starting a fire. His kids are not riding either and they are all coming home today I think?

SO yesterday we spent the day packing up and looking for something to do. We ended up at Cold Rock for some ice cream then we went to K mart for a plate for the BBQ and some pool filters. The pool looks great and the kids will no doubt use it today we are expecting 33 and 41 tomorrow.

Tonight we are off tot he beach for a visit. we were going to take a picnic but have decided to have an early tea and head off. It is only a 35 minute drive (if that) so will take a drink and snacks etc and have fun instead of trying to pick sand out of the kids dinner.

Today I thought I might try and tidy up a bit and perhaps have a veggie day with some DVD's. I have a few to catch up on so that just may be me for today.

The kids cleaned up for Christmas as usual. Shan and Aj got Nintendo DS and 3 games each along with all the other "stuff" Adam got a Homersapian robot thing and Shan got a robotdog they are funny to watch. Jake got his Motor bike earlier but that was a Christmas present. He got boots and a pressure suit on the day and a Guitar hero 3. Guitar Hero 3 has been a hit and half with everyone. The kids all got gift cards for JB hi fi and pooled them together to get Singstar popstar which included the microphones etc. that too has been so funny.

OK off for some breakfast and another cup of tea.....

Have a good one all


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