Monday, December 3, 2007


It is Monday and I was just about to post my ramblings when the thunder and lightening hit so I thought I had best turn the PC off.... I love thunder and lightening so I thought I would sit and stitch for a while and listen to it etc when after checking windows etc i found water pouring in the kitchen window! The kitchen was almost totally flooded YIKES....

SO I have made all the relevant calls and now just wait for help to arrive... Thankfully the rain has stopped and the sun is shining so I just hope that whatever is wet is now drying etc. I used all the towels so now have them washing and hope to get them dry.

I did manage to sew the buttons on my button tree now I just need to find a frame and thats another Christmas present out the way.

I also finished the Christmas cards today so will post those tomorrow when I go out.

I thought I had better check the garage and what do you know it is also flooded.... Thankfully no damage that I can see just water. I will do the school run then help Col sweep the water out.

I am thinking after Christmas it is time to move house.

I have made risotto for dinner, well the sauce I will do the rice bit later.

In other news from the Mazzan house... cols old VN goes to a new home on Saturday :( that will be a sad day for him. This is the car he always wanted and now we don't need so seems silly to have it sitting there. Over Christmas he dosnt get his normal pay he only gets the hours that he works rather than minimum time so we might need this money if work is slow. The kid that is buying it really loves the car and has already booked it in for a new paint job amongst other things. Col is happy it will have a loving owner.

Still not sure whats happening for Christmas day??? We usually go to the in laws but last year MIL mentioned something about not wanting to "do" it again this year. We do my family Christmas eve but are doing it the 22nd this year cause my sister and her tribe are renting a houseboat and will be gone for Christmas. I really wouldn't mind the day at home to be honest but will need to sort it soon I guess. We will have our new BBQ then so could have the in laws here but FIL dosnt like going out Christmas day so not sure whats going to happen.

I started stitching a cute Christmas Koala the other day so am off to finish that off.

Have a good one all

Stay dry if your in Melbourne..


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